Sphero vs. Ozobot

Spheros are a robotic ball with three different ways of moving. Ozobots are tiny fragile robotic cubes that move with wheels and a motor .The different ways to move a Sphero are driving, blocking coding, and javascript. On the other hand, a  Ozobots  different ways of moving are they can follow the colors black, blue, red, and green using led lights and block codes.

I think that Spheros are better for library, music, math, and ELA. With Spheros the teachers could ask you questions and have signs that say possible answers so you could steer or code your Sphero to go to the answer you think is correct. I think Ozobots are good for STEM and art there are only two because Ozobots are fragile so the subjects they could help with are limited. With Ozobots you could trace out shapes for art and for STEM you could spend time coding them to trace things out.

I think that Spheros are better than Ozobots because Spheros are much more durable than Ozobots. You can do many more activities than you can with an Ozobot for example the Winter Olympics we did with Spheros. If we used Ozobots we wouldn’t have been able to do a lot of the sports that we did with the Spheros. So for anyone planning on buying a Sphero or Ozobot I would recommend buying a Sphero. Thank you for reading my Sphero vs. Ozobot and have a good day or night.

My avatar

This is my avatar, I made her to reflect what I look like in real life .


I made my avatar on the website linked above.

The reason  I have a cat in my hands is the cat is supposed to be one of my cats his name is nugget. she has glasses because I have round glasses in real life. I had her wearing a purple shirt because my favorite color is purple. She has earrings because I have my ears pierced in reality.

I hope you like my avatar thank you for reading my blog post bye.